While we are deeply saddened by the results of last week’s election, we know that our fight continues in Washington State. Our opponents claim that Referendum 74 will have no affect on religious liberty; however, we know that we as supporters of traditional marriage will face consequences in the coming months. Our campaign to reject R-74 is drawing to a close, but our battle to defend the values we hold dear becomes even more critical.

In fact, our office already received a phone call from someone fearing for his job due to refusal to recognize same-sex marriages.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington, organizations supportive of traditional marriage, people of faith, and concerned citizens will continue to work to protect all of our precious religious liberties. If you need advice or direction, please do not hesitate to contact the Family Policy Institute through their website at www.fpiw.org.

It was truly amazing to witness thousands of you rallying with us in the effort to preserve marriage as the union between one man and one woman in Washington State. Even though we were outspent nearly 5-1, we were able to spread our message to voters across Washington, from Seattle to Spokane. From hosting events and giving financially, to making phone calls and campaigning door-to-door, our grassroots army stood up for truth, even in the midst significant challenges.

It is our hope that those of you who became engaged for the first time, combined with the thousands of new relationships that were developed in this campaign, will be the catalyst to truly lasting change in Washington State. The battle is not over.

As we wrap-up our campaign to reject R-74, we realize that we need to call upon you once again for help. We have unpaid expenses for campaign staff, advertising, legal compliance, and grassroots efforts. Would you make one more generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $200, or even $500 NOW so that we can pay our dedicated campaign staff and vendors?

We are forever grateful for your support in this battle. While the outcome is not what we hoped, this is not the time to feel defeated. We hope your resolve is strengthened and our need for each other is more obvious.

A legislative session is fast approaching, and our need to work together is more important now than it was last year. Our campaign leadership will continue to engage in helping to shape how Washington deals with these critical issues related to family and religious liberty, which is the principle on which our nation was founded. Please do not hesitate to contact the Family Policy Institute if you experience attacks on your freedom to believe, talk, and/or act based on your faith.

Again, thank you for your faithful support in this cause. This campaign is coming to an end, but our need to advocate on behalf of what is true becomes even more critical.


Preserve Marriage Washington